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Enhance Your Dental Education with Our Complete Sculpting Kit!

This all-inclusive pack is specially designed for dental students, providing you with essential tools to excel in your Anatomy and Histology classes. Elevate your learning experience and master your craft with this comprehensive kit.


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Elevate Your Dental Education with Our Comprehensive Sculpting Kit!

Designed exclusively for dental students, this complete pack is your ultimate companion for Anatomy and Histology classes. Equip yourself with the essential tools to excel in your studies and hands-on practice:

– Dental bibs (2x) – for cleanliness and comfort.

– Lecron – for precision work.

– P.K. Thomas 1-5 – for added versatility.

– SABÃO CLARIM – soap for sculpting practice.

– Wax knives :

– Fahnenstock 17cm

– Gritman for intricate detailing.

But that’s not all – when you purchase this kit, we’re including a few extra essentials:

– A toothbrush for maintaining your sculpture free of dust.

– A stylish pencil case to keep your instruments organized.

Invest in your dental education today and embark on a successful journey towards becoming a dental professional. Order your Sculpting Kit now!

This sculpture kit includes essential documents to guide you in creating exquisite soap tooth sculptures with precise proportions. The accompanying instructional sheets provide clear and detailed directions, ensuring your creations are as beautiful as they are authentic. Transform your soap into dental art with this comprehensive sculpting kit.

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