Anatomic model AG3 | K-Dental

Dental Model AG-3 | K-Dental, with 32 teeth, made of super-resistant thermosetting plastic. Model indicated for dental medicine studies of prevention, conservation and functional occlusion. New model with more resistant and

Articulator Semi Adjustable – Not Available For Now

We unfortunately don't offer this product yet but it is mandatory for you to have one for the FAE, Fisiatry and Prostodontics courses

Pack Anatomy and Histology Oral

Enhance Your Dental Education with Our Complete Sculpting Kit! This all-inclusive pack is specially designed for dental students, providing you with essential tools to excel in your Anatomy and Histology classes.

Pack Imaging

Pack Imaging


Pack Materiais Dentários + FAE

We would like to introduce you one of the essential products from K-Dental, this student pack was made especially by us for UFP student. We decided to house everything into a smart